Why Crowdfunding


Why crowdfunding?

Fund for Unity is a digital initiative under the umbrella of the Statue of Unity project and seeks public and private philanthropic funds for enhancing the socio-economic infrastructure, and consequentially the quality of life, in backward areas of the Narmada district of Gujarat. All campaigns run on Fund for Unity are initiated and managed by entities backed by the Government of Gujarat, and require the use of government funds, assets or sponsorship in order to be executed. Through this platform, people can contribute funds to campaigns promoting the projects of their choice and help civic initiatives they care about get underway. Contributing to campaigns hosted on Fund for Unity is easy and you can keep track of your contributed funds and their utilization. Also, unlike other crowdfunding websites, we do not charge any transaction fees - so all of your contributed funds go to the campaign of your choice in entirety.

All contributions to campaigns hosted on Fund for Unity are eligible for exemption at 50% under section 80(G)(5) of the Income Tax Act.