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Work with us to improve the quality of education for 10th standard students in the Narmada district

Narmada district is located in the southern part of Gujarat with a geographical spread of 2755 It shares a border with Surat, Vadodara, Bharuch, Tapi districts of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Administratively, Narmada district is divided into 4 talukas and 609 villages, with Rajpipla town as the district capital. The district has a total population of 5.90 lakhs as per the 2011 Census, accounting for only 1% of the overall state population. Currently, 89.56% of the district’s population lives in rural areas.

Education is one of the major concern areas for the Narmada District Administration, particularly for students in grade 10 as the district’s students have been faring poorly in board examinations. Most of the students come from tribal communities and lack the resources to help them compete with students from other areas.

A project named “Sankalp Setu” has been conceptualized by the District Administration, as a committed effort towards improving the quality of education for grade 10 students and enabling them to be better equipped to clear board examinations. Students will undergo an initial screening test and basis their results, they will be divided in to four categories. Special focus and inputs will be given to students who score 40% - 60% and below 40% to get conceptual clarity and improve their performance, while students who score 60%-80% and above 80% will be monitored and guided by expert teachers so as to improve or maintain their performance. Because of a paucity of trained teachers and resources in the district, focus subjects will be Math, Science, English and Social Science.

A pilot project of this concept will be initiated in 11 schools of Rajpipla town with about 1400 students. It is estimated that the cost per student will be around INR 5000. These will include special teaching inputs, e-learning aids, expert guidance and seminars, peer group learning, extra remedial classes etc. The total cost of running this pilot project will hence be INR 70 lakhs.

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