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Work with us to build the Narmada district\'s first blood bank and save lives.

Narmada district is located in the southern part of Gujarat with a geographical spread of 2755 It shares a border with Surat, Vadodara, Bharuch, Tapi districts of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Administratively, Narmada district is divided into 4 talukas and 609 villages, with Rajpipla town as the district capital. The district has a total population of 5.90 lakhs as per the 2011 Census, accounting for only 1% of the overall state population. Currently, 89.56% of the district’s population lives in rural areas.

Narmada is one of the most interior districts of the State, which causes difficulty in providing basic necessities to its population. One of the most crucial and needed necessity is a blood bank. The District has not had a single blood bank since its establishment. Because of this, patients in need of blood have to approach nearby districts like Bharuch, Surat, and Vadodara, which are all between 70 -120 km away from Narmada district. Many times this delay in acquiring blood in time causes deaths or severe complications. The Civil Hospital in the Narmada district has a blood storage facility, but it is not enough for the needs of the entire district, especially in case of rare blood groups.

In the past year, 15 mothers and 11 anemic patients have died, with the unavailability of blood playing a major role. Additionally, about 227 road accidents happened in the district last year, and a lack of blood was one of the main issues faced during treatment of the victims. The estimated blood requirement of the district is 2,000 units of blood per year.

The District Administration has initiated the process of establishment of Blood Bank in Narmada district in partnership with the Indian Red Cross Society. The District Administration has allotted a separate eight-room building of 100 sq. meter or the blood bank’s operations. Registration and medical examination room, blood collection room, sterilization and washing room, store and office, refreshment room, serological laboratory, and laboratory for testing transfusion transmitted disease have been established. The required staff has been recruited and appointed for the regular functioning of blood bank.  All legal formalities and approval has been completed, and the blood bank is now functional.

At present, the blood bank has purchased initial equipment worth INR 30 lakhs. The blood bank is in need of INR 19.28 lakhs every year for recurring expenses, and INR 43.00 lakhs for the purchase of modern equipment.  A break-up of equipment requirements is provided below


Details of Equipment

Approx. Cost (INR)


Deep Freezer – 80



Platelet Agitator & Incubator 24 bags



Plasma Thawing Bath



Tube Sealer



Cryo Bath



Donor Couch



Compo Scale



Intelligent Expresser Manual



Centrifuge 8 Bag (Thermo Fisher)



Laminar Air Flow





This equipment will be used for the purpose of blood component therapy, which enables the transfusion of specific components of blood that the patient needs, instead of transfusing whole blood. The benefits of blood component therapy are

  • One donated unit can be used for several patients
  • The risk of transfusion induced reactions are minimized as only the required components are transferred
  • Cardiac overload is minimized
  • Storage period can be enhanced as the plasma cryoprecipitate can be stored up to 365 days
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